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How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano

How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano

Maybe you’ve started piano lessons, or you’re thinking of starting because you’ve always loved the piano.

Although how long it takes to learn a musical instrument shouldn’t worry you, sometimes you can’t help but wonder if you’ll be able to learn the piano quickly and efficiently.

How long will learning piano take you?

If you want to learn from a master teacher you would have to practice daily for hours and study for up to 15 years. If you want to achieve Level 1 with a neighborhood teacher and practice for five minutes daily, it would take you about eight years.

One of the key factors in how long it will take you to learn the piano is how much time you’re willing to invest in it.

As with anything, the more you invest time and energy, the more information you’ll grasp and the better you’ll become.

What’s The Best Age To Learn How To Play The Piano?

Baby Trying To Reach Piano Keyboard

It’s been said that children between the ages of six and nine are at the best ages to learn the piano.

This is because they can easily use the piano’s keys. However, certain things have to be present in order for a child to be ready for learning the piano.

These include:

  • Having a big enough hand size, which is important for being able to reach various keys with different fingers
  • Having good coordination
  • Having dexterity, and finger independence
  • The ability to communicate 
  • The ability to concentrate on a task

That said, if you’re an adult who wants to learn how to play the piano, you’re never too old!

You Can Teach Yourself To Play The Piano

Young Boy Playing Piano

There are sites that advocate you learning the piano on your own.

While this might not be an ideal situation, it’s certainly doable.

You might just require a learning keyboard that lights up to show you which keys to play in a musical piece, and this can be beneficial as a learning aid.

Instructional books, YouTube tutorials, and DVDs can also prove valuable if you want to learn how to play the piano without a teacher to guide you.

Here are some resources that will be useful to you when teaching yourself how to play the piano.

  • Piano Video Lessons on YouTube is focused on helping you learn popular songs on the piano, but there are also some great videos available that will teach you the piano notes.
  • Alyssa of Piano TV will give you great advice if you’re a beginner, such as mistakes to avoid. This YouTube channel will also help you understand confusing piano terms, such as binary form, as well as learn how to play various notes, so it’s worth checking out when you have time.

Whether you’re learning the piano on your own or with a teacher, make sure you dedicate enough time to keep practicing it. This will help you remember keys and get the hang of it.

However, avoid practicing the piano too much on a daily basis.

You should never exceed playing the piano for four hours a day as this has been shown by research to be ineffective, as Bulletproof Musician reports.

Finally, try to make learning the piano fun!

If you find YouTube videos that teach piano basics more entertaining than reading books, then choose that way to learn as you will be able to learn at a faster rate while staying motivated to stick with it.

How Difficult Is It To Learn The Piano?

Young Boy Sleeping On Piano Keys

You might wonder if the piano is an instrument that’s difficult to master.

It can certainly seem to be because you have to play the chords with both hands and also learn to let your left hand play separately from your right hand. This does take some time to master.

You also have to consider that you’ll have to learn how to read music.

There are so many bars and chords, and probably some symbols on the sheet music that you don’t even recognize.

This is why it can be very helpful to get a piano teacher because he or she is trained to teach beginners and will know how to help you memorize and learn how to read music as well as play it while reading.

In addition, it’s important that you take your piano lessons outside of your teacher’s piano room.

This means that you should practice as much as possible whenever you have time.

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to dedicate hours in your day to learning the piano – five minutes of practice on a daily basis will help you much more than missing days or weeks before finding a larger amount of time.

This is because it will keep the lessons fresh in your mind.

If you’re looking for some motivation and actionable tips, our guide to how hard is it to learn piano has you covered.

How To Learn The Piano Faster

Man Giving Young Boy Piano Lessons

Although you can’t always learn instruments faster, you can grasp the piano quicker by doing certain things and this will undoubtedly improve your learning process.

Here are some tips:

  • Take the piano chords and break them into smaller, theoretical concepts.
  • When playing, you want to concentrate on learning smaller segments of a song instead of the whole song which can feel overwhelming. So, check the sheet music and decipher all the symbols so that you understand what is required of you, such as if you should play the piece with low or high volume.
  • Focus on the keys that you need to play. Once you understand the theory, you can put it into practice. For a segment of the song, look at the keys that you need to play and then practice playing that segment in the sheet music.
  • Take it slow. Learning quicker doesn’t mean taking on too many concepts at once or rushing through practice lessons. The slower you go and the more you can really immerse yourself into the learning process, the quicker your brain will be able to grasp the new information. So, read the sheet music and then press the keys. Master a short segment and then when you feel you’ve grasped how to play it, move onto the next short segment.
  • Choose fun songs. It’s easy to think that you have to learn to play the classic pieces before you get do something more modern, but this isn’t the case. There are many resources for modern pop songs that you can learn as a beginner, and if you love playing these it’ll make your practice sessions much more fun. The benefit of learning modern songs on the piano is that they usually have catchy tunes that are simple to learn.
  • Start with one hand. To help you get used to using separate hands to do separate functions on the piano, which can seem overwhelming, it’s good to get into the habit of playing with separate hands. So, start with one hand and then learn to play with the other. Once you feel you’re grasping how to play with separate hands, you can start trying to play with both hands and this will help you learn coordination.

Related Questions

Should you buy a keyboard or piano?

If you have the money and space for a piano, then go ahead and buy it instead of a keyboard. Make sure that you’re serious about learning the piano.

It might be a better idea to buy a keyboard and try it out to see if you enjoy learning the piano. You can always upgrade to a piano at a later stage.

What should you do to prevent hand pain and stiffness?

Don’t play for longer than a few hours per day, but also make sure you use the correct technique.

Keep your hands relaxed and only stiffen your fingers when you have to press the keys.

Avoid twisting your hands to reach keys. Find ways to reach them so that it feels more comfortable.


While it might seem like learning piano is difficult or will take a long period of time, there are ways to speed up the process.

However, during this time it’s essential to focus on the craft and slowly work your way through the theory and practical aspects of learning piano so that you will be able to progress.

Remember that avoiding common mistakes early on, such as having bad posture, will also go a long way to helping you learn the piano faster because you won’t have to spend time at a later stage trying to correct the mistakes that have become ingrained in you.

Finally, have fun while you learn how to play the piano! The piano is a wonderful, interesting, and enjoyable instrument. Make the most of it.


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