If you’re interested in adding drums to your home recording studio, you might be tempted to purchase electronic drum sets. 

Here’s what you need to know about them.

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What are electronic drum sets? 

They’re an alternative to acoustic drums, but with some nice perks. These include being a bit quieter as well as giving you greater control over your sound. 

You can change the sound you produce with the touch of a button!

In addition, electronic drum sets provide you with various recording and play-along tools, which are fun for beginners and professionals alike. 

There are many different types available. Here’s a rundown of the best electronic drum sets: perfect addition for your home studio!

Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit

Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit

This drum set is fantastic for people who are learning how to play the drums, as it has built-in coaching functions. 

These can measure your progress and track your technique, so you know how you’re doing and what you can improve on as if you were getting lessons from a teacher. 

However, it can also be beneficial as a supplement to your drum lessons.


  • The Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit is a drum set that’s based on the flagship TD-50 sound engine. This was created to enable studio work, live performances, and practice sessions that are filled with greater tones and shades of sound. However, that sound has some improvements on this model, thanks to the drum set’s new pads that make you feel like you’re playing acoustic drums.
  • This drum kit makes use of great technology, such as the ability for you to stream audio from your smartphone so you can play drums to your favorite music tracks. This can aid in your learning or just be a fun way to play.
  • If you’re used to playing acoustic drums, you won’t feel like you have to make adjustments with this electronic drum set, and that’s as a result of its hi-hat that feels natural as well as its 12-inch snare.

Extra Features

  • This electronic drum set has an extra input so you can add an extra pad, be it a tom, cymbal, or trigger pad. This gives you the chance to customize what you play.
  • It comes with built-in Bluetooth. This enables you to stream music directly from your smart device and can help you learn how to play drums as well as record music, which is useful in the studio.


  • A bass pedal isn’t included with the drum set, which is a bit of a letdown.

Buying Guide

This drum set costs under $1,200. While it lacks a bass pedal, it definitely has other features that make it an interesting and valuable drum set to own, and this is especially the case if you’re learning how to play because of all its smart features. 

This makes it the best electronic drum set. Now let’s move on to some other noteworthy sets!

Roland (TD-25KV) High-performance Electronic V-Drum Set

Roland High-performance, Mid-level Electronic V-Drum Set (TD-25KV)

With high-quality sound and an eye on versatility, you’ll love bringing these drums into your home recording studio.


  • This Roland drum set is easy to use. Thanks to its simple interface, you can easily customize your drum and cymbal, making it perfect for you if you’re learning how to play.
  • Its sound is quite impressive. This Roland electronic drum set has what’s known as an Advanced Supernatural sound engine. This is based on the company’s flagship TD-30 to create beautiful and expressive sound.
  • Great for professionals and beginners alike, this Roland electronic drum set makes editing your sounds a breeze. You strike a pad and then use knobs to choose instruments as well as tune them. With user-friendly shortcuts, you can improve your editing.

Extra Features

  • This electronic drum set comes with a USB port for MIDI/audio communication with your computer.
  • You can also link it to your smartphone so that you can drum songs according to your favorite music tracks.


  • The electronic drum kit comes with a rack, but it has been said to be more suitable to shorter people, which is a bit of a letdown as it cannot be extended if you need the extra height.

Buying Guide

This Roland drum set costs under $1,300. It’s almost the same price as the previous Roland electronic drum set, but with a few extra features that make it quite appealing.

Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set with Realistic Kick Pedal

Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set with Realistic Kick Pedal

If you’re looking for something a little different, perhaps because your home is short on space for a full drum set or you want something that you can learn how to play drums on without spending a lot of money, then this drum set by Carlsbro is worth checking out.


  • This electronic drum set comes with 20 preset drum kits and 250 percussion voices.
  • You can easily connect it to different devices, thanks to its headphone output and USB interface.
  • If you’re a drummer, you’ll know that sore wrists are usually part of the gig, but this electronic set has pads that have been designed with the help of drummers so that they feel natural and sensitive, reducing hand-related fatigue.

Extra Features

  • The Korg digital piano comes with a furniture stand, three-pedal board, AC adapter sheet stand, as well as a piano bench.
  • The speakers make use of Motion Feedback technology, which lets them create more accurate sounds.


  • The snare drum is said to produce a soft sound. It requires you to hit it hard to make it louder.

Buying Guide

This electronic drum set by Carlsbro costs only $279.99. It’s the best budget electronic drum kit because it gives you the basics you need for drumming in your studio. 

It’s also the best beginner electronic drum set that you can learn on.

Alesis Compact Kit 4

Alesis Compact Kit 4

This is a modern, super-portable electronic drum set that you can play on a table or desk. No need to set it up or have to carry heavy pieces of drumming equipment around!


  • It’s a four-pad electronic drum kit that comes with some nice extras: a headphone output and a built-in speaker.
  • Even though it’s small and compact, it doesn’t skimp on the solid basics you need when playing drums so don’t be fooled by its appearance. Its drum pads are velocity sensitive so that you can make your sound much more professional.
  • You can learn how to play drums on this kit, thanks to how it shows notes on its LCD screen. It also can guide you as you move through the learning process, so whether or not you have a drum teacher you can definitely learn and progress on this piece of equipment.

Extra Features

  • This electronic drum kit contains 10 effect voices, 50 built-in songs that you can play drums along with, and 70 percussion voices.
  • It’s completely portable. It comes with an AC adapter, but you can also make it battery-operated (it uses 6 C-cell batteries). That’s perfect for drumming on the go whenever you want!


  • It’s been said that the speaker distorts sound when it’s played at full volume, so if you want something that will create clear, loud and booming music, this might not be the right item for you.

Buying Guide

This electronic drum set costs under $150. 

It’s the most budget-friendly electronic drum set on this buying guide so far, but it seems like it’s more suitable for kids or people who are learning how to play drums for the first time instead of music pros who already know their way around the drums. 

As a professional, this kit can be limiting, such as because of how you can’t play very high sounds on it without distortion getting in the way.

PylePro Portable Drums

PylePro Portable Drums

This digital drum set might seem limiting to pros at first glance but it’s got great features that are worth exploring. 

It’s proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to get a quality set of electronic drums.


  • It’s got seven sensitive drum pads, so playing on this electronic drum set feels authentic as though you’re playing acoustic drums.
  • It comes with two pedals included.
  • You can easily link this up to your computer with a USB cable. When doing this, the drum kit will work in the same way as a MIDI controller so connecting it to your Mac or PC is no problem.

Extra Features

  • You can play it with the AC adapter provided in the pack or use batteries to power it up whenever you’re on the go.
  • If you’re learning how to play drums, this electronic drum kit is valuable. It has some good features to help you during the learning process, such as an in-built metronome and reverb effect, both of which will help you improve your drumming technique as well as stay in tempo.


  • If you have experience with playing the drums, getting used to this one’s pads can be a bit tricky because they’re smaller and so striking them in the right place to produce the sound you want isn’t always easy.

Buying Guide

This electronic drum set costs just under $100. Although it seems to be for beginners and it doesn’t have as many frills as more expensive drum kits, it’s definitely worth the money and experience because of its surprising features, and that’s what makes it valuable as the best electric drum kit.

Electronic Drum Sets FAQ

Black Electronic Drum Set

How do electronic drums work?

If you’ve only really had experience with acoustic drums, you might wonder how electric drums actually work.

Electronic drums are built to have a rubber head under which lies a sensor. 

When the pad is touched, the sensor sends a voltage value to a sound module, as Sweetwater Sound explains. 

Basically what happens is that this module translates that value so that a certain sound is produced, and it doesn’t just have to be a drum sound. 

It could be something else, like a cymbal sound

This module will also translate the speed of the strike of the drum so that it can be made louder or softer, which is essential when playing electronic drums so that you get the same experience as that of playing on acoustic drums.

When it comes to the pads’ sensors, you will find some electronic drum kits that have multiple sensors. 

These offer the drummer greater versatility because one pad will be able to create multiple sounds.

Is Alesis a good brand for drums?

Alesis is one of the major electric drum brands (the other two are Yamaha and Roland), but how good is it?

Alesis released their SR-16 drums which were very popular and since then they have gone on to produce high-quality electronic drums that are perfect for you if you’re on a budget but don’t want to skimp on the professional details and features.

When it comes to their cost, Alesis drums tend to be much more budget-friendly than Roland drums. If cost is an issue for you, then this will likely factor into your purchasing decision.

The Alesis Compact Kit 4 that’s featured in our electronic drum set reviews is a good example of how the brand produces some excellent electronic drum kits. 

This can be seen in how this model has been reviewed on Amazon as being full of quality features and drumming instructions that are valuable for beginners and pros alike, as well as drummers of all ages.

Are the drums hard to learn? (electronic ones)

If you’re interested in learning how to play drums, you might wonder if electronic drums are easier or more difficult to learn than acoustic ones.

What can make electronic drums easier to learn is that they usually come with learning aids included. 

There are many of these types of aids in the drum sets that have been featured in our electronic drum kit reviews earlier in this article.

For example, the Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit, the best one in our guide, has coaching functions that have been built into it and these can help you improve your technique as you go along. 

It’s almost like having a music teacher right there with you! There’s also the opportunity to play back your favorite music and learn how to play along to it. 

This is a feature that we’ve seen in electronic drum kits such as the Roland V-Compact Series, and it’s also a fun feature that makes learning so much more enjoyable, even if you already know how to play the drums.

As is the case when learning any musical instrument, it gets easier the more you practice and dedicate time to learning it. 

Even professional drummers had to take the time to learn. There are no shortcuts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the process fun. 

Electronic drum sets definitely do make learning fun because they have so many interesting features, like preset kits and professional voices. 

One of the things to bear in mind when learning how to play electronic drums is that they won’t feel exactly the same as acoustic drums. 

This could result in you battling to play on acoustic drums at a later stage, but more on that in the next question.

Electronic drums vs a regular one

Acoustic Vs Electronic Drum Sets

If you’re not sure if you should purchase electronic or regular drums, it’s good to consider some of their important differences. 

For starters, the electronic drum is quieter than the acoustic drum. 

This is something that can make the electronic drum much more appealing to you, such as if you live in an apartment building where making a lot of noise with musical instruments is a no-no. 

Many of these drum kits can connect to headphones, which also makes practicing quietly wherever you go possible.

When it comes to the sound that these drums can produce, it’s worth bearing in mind that electronic drums will never be the same as acoustic drums. 

That doesn’t mean they’re aren’t good – you can find many quality electronic drum sets, such as those featured in our buying guide. 

Whether electronic or acoustic drums are better really depends on your personal preferences. 

However, it’s good to know that the main difference between electronic and acoustic drums boils down to how they feel different to play. 

Electronic drum sets usually have pads that are made out of plastic, mesh, or rubber. These are not the same as the sound you produce when you hit a real drum head.

It’s also important to consider what your experience will be like when you learn how to play drums on an acoustic or electronic drum. 

On electronic drums you can sometimes hide your mistakes because of their mesh heads. 

So, if you’re messing up your technique, you might not even realize it because the sound won’t reveal your error. 

On the other hand, if you make a mistake when playing acoustic drums, you’ll be made aware of it and you’ll be able to correct it.

There is also quite a difference in price. Acoustic drums can cost you between $300 and $1,000, with things like pedals, a stand, and cymbals included, but this price can go much higher. 

Electronic drum sets, on the other hand, can cost you around $900. 

That said, you might want to shell out a bit more for them if you’re looking for an electronic drum set that has more perks and frills, such as by paying around $1,200 for a really good set.

One of the biggest benefits of electronic drum kits is that they don’t require tuning. 

The samples of cymbal and drum sounds are quite similar to the sounds you’d hear in recordings. 

This is because those samples have already been equalized, which can give you greater ease when playing them.


Drums are an important instrument in many bands and they can elevate your music production. 

But, if you’re interested in purchasing an electronic drum set for your home studio, you might not know where to start. 

There are so many options out there and you might wonder if electronic drum sets can really be better than their acoustic counterparts. 

It’s good to bear in mind that both acoustic and electronic drums have their pros and cons, as discussed in this article. 

It really comes down to preference, but you can find real high-quality drum kits that can benefit you both as a beginner and professional drummer.

With lots of learning aids and extra features included, the electronic drum kits featured in this buying guide will keep you at the top of your music game – and they won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

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