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Here’s My Story

Mako Fontaine Recording His Song In His Studio

My name is Mako Fontaine, and I’ve been in and out of recording studios for over fourteen years.

It all started with my uncle Milo—he was obsessed with audio quality, mixing and mastering tracks, and improving his bass playing as well as piano skills. He’s the reason I picked up the guitar and the drums.

We spent every single family reunion playing together and jamming.

When I was on my own, I packed up my SUV with a brand new electric piano—spent nearly two weeks pay to get it, just to bring it to him—and surprised him in the front yard.

We played for hours. I showed him all the electronic enhancements, talked to him about the best way to mix electric piano in the midi, and at one point he just stopped and stared.

“Mako,” he said, “why aren’t you teaching people about this stuff?”

I shrugged. Then, I made Studio Devices.

It was just my passion on the side that allowed me to get through work each day, and now, it’s become my full-time job.

I get to intensely review the best audio recording gear on the market, have fun with it, and tell all of you about it.

My love for music is infinite, and I know you’ve been chasing the same level of sound quality and caliber of production and recording quality that I weas.

Take Studio Devices as a free resource, a hub of information, and make your home recordings that much better.

I know the ins and outs of software, hardware, and the many complicated layers of studio gadgetry in between.

With my help, you’ll have the same level of knowledge as a professional recording studio producer in no time.